Julie Spira, the newest addition to Lovetropolis.com's team of Dating and Relationship Experts, is an author, dating advice columnist and host of Ask the Cyber-Dating Expert, a weekly radio show that focuses on finding love online. Julie was one of the earliest adopters of online dating.  Julie's bestselling book, The Perils of Cyber-Dating:  Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online, is a witty tell-all memoir which details her romantic journey looking for love online and helps singles successfully date online. Her sought-after expertise has earned her an authoritative world-wide reputation in the field of online dating.  Be sure to watch for Julie's tips and advice when she is the featured expert from the Lovetropolis.com team.  Visit http://cyberdatingexpert.com to learn more and sign up for Julie's newsletter, the Weekly Flirt.  To find out how Julie can help you develop a sophisticated online dating profile, click and read about her Irresistible Profiles packages.  You can preview and purchase Julie Spira's best-selling book or get information about Julie's private coaching by clicking the images below.