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Success Stories

I just wanted to tell everyone that this site definitely works!!  I’ve met the greatest guy in the entire world and we are planning our engagement and wedding.  I wish the entire Lovetropolis community the best of luck in finding your true love.      Baltimore, MD

I am so happy.  I met the most wonderful, handsome, thoughtful, funny and caring man.  We even live in the same city and would have never met without you.           Los Angeles, CA

I just wanted you to know that I have truly found my soulmate.  She is everything I have always wanted and hoped for in a woman.  Without you I may have never met her.  Thank you for making me a happy man.       Denver, CO is the best online dating website I have come across in a long time.  You have more features than any other site on the web, not to mention that I’ve met a beautiful woman that I love with all my heart.  We are making plans to share our lives together and we have you to thank for our happiness.        Seattle, WA

I am so sorry that I won’t need this site any longer.  I have met the man of my dreams.  He is funny, smart, and intelligent and has the greatest smile I’ve ever seen and I have you to thank for that!!!!  He actually makes my heart skip a beat.  Thank you again from the bottom of my happy heart!!!          Santa Monica, CA

Dear Lovetropolis, tonight I married the man of my dreams, who I met on your website.  I can’t thank you enough.         Houston, TX

We are now complete, since we met each other on your website.  Thank you for providing such an excellent site.  We will tell all of our single friends about you.         Memphis, TN

Thanks to you, I have met my future wife.  She is from Louisiana and I’m from Florida.  We are planning to get married in the near future.  We would have never found each other without this site.  The both of us had just about given up on ever meeting somebody to spend time together let alone somebody to spend the rest of our lives with.  We want to tell all of your members that it can and will happen to them, we are living proof.  Thank you again from the bottom of our heart.         Grace and Christopher

I have found my true love, the man of my dreams.  I am officially off the market and I can’t thank you enough.       San Francisco, CA

I have always believed in fairy tales and now I have met my Prince Charming.  We are madly, deeply and truly in love with each other.  I have found my happily ever after and you played the part of my Fairy Godmother.  Thank you, Thank you.        Las Vegas, NV

Dear Lovetropolis, I am writing you to say thank you.  I have found the woman of my dreams.  I came across her audio/video profile and she had me from “Hello”.  We emailed back and forth, talked on the phone for hours at a time and after a few months we finally met each other.  I feel I’ve known her all of my life, we have everything in common.  She is the love of my life!!!!  Lovetropolis, you have made me a man in love.        Philadelphia, PA

Soul mates do exist, I met the man I’ve been searching for right here. And I fall in love with him more and more everyday.  Thanks, you are a godsend.        Columbus, OH                    

My true love was only a click away!!  We started chatting and emailing and formed a mutual bond, we decided to meet and that’s when the sparks ignited, we’ve been inseparable ever since!!  I will share the rest of my life with this woman and I have you to thank for that.     Chicago, IL

Within the first few days of my membership, I met the most “unforgettable”, wonderful, sincere, kind and loving man who has completely captured my heart and soul.  It doesn’t even matter that he is in Virginia and I am in Illinois, we are planning many, many visits and a lifetime of LOVE.         Chicago, IL

Hello Lovetropolis, I wanted to thank you for introducing me to a very special woman….I never thought that I could be so happy, she is absolutely fabulous and I plan to be with her for a very long time if not forever.         Portland, OR

I applaud the creators of, Joey kept sending me Virtual Flirts and we emailed and chatted everyday.  He is the best thing that has ever happened to me!!! We have been together now for 6 months and we knew right off the bat we were perfect for each other.  Thank you again.           Reno, NV

I have always been reluctant about joining a dating site, but ever since I joined, I have met some really nice people.  I have met and have had conversations with people all over the country.         Lincoln, NE

“I” have become a “We”.  I was a little skeptical about joining a dating website after experiencing some bad dates in the real world.  After joining I actually met some women that have had the same experiences that I was having in the real world, but there was one special lady that stood out to me.  I started out by sending Amber a virtual flirt, to let her know I was interested in getting to know her.  It worked!!!  We started emailing each other then started webcam chatting.  She is more beautiful then her pictures!!!  I had to meet her face to face… make a long story short, “We” are having a great time getting to know each other more and more each day. “We” are planning a future together and “We” can’t be happier, thanks to you!!!!!        Casey & Amber, Bowie, MD

I was only a member for a few hours and I met a man that is the answer to all my prayers!!!!!!!  He is funny, smart, loving, caring, considerate, and romantic, I can go on for days about him. Thank you so much for all that you have done.  I will shout your praises from the mountain top to all of the single friends I have and make them join your wonderful site.  I can’t thank you enough!!      Albany, NY

I would like to thank the team behind for the great work that they do.  If it was not for them I would have never met Vincent and would not have found that pure true love that we share.  I have found someone that I feel complete with.  Good luck to each and every one of you in your search for the love of your life.          Pomona, CA

Thank you for being the glue which fixed two people’s hearts to love again…I have met the most incredible man.  He is absolutely awesome and wonderful, he is so much more than I could have ever anticipated.  To all of the members of this wonderful site.. never stop dreaming of that perfect match, dreams do come true.         Minneapolis, MN


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