Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions on Lovetropolis.com. If your questions are not answered in the below information, send your question to us at site@lovetropolis.com
How do I create my profile?
You can create your free profile by clicking on the Create a Profile link on the site's home page. Begin by filling out the short registration page info, and then follow the instructions to complete registration and create your profile. Additionally, most links on the home page lead to the registration page.
How do I add a photo?
After you have entered your profile information, you will be directed to the Add Photos page. Follow the instructions to upload your profile photos.

How much does a membership on Lovetropolis.com cost?

Subscription prices to access the features of Lovetropolis.com are $29.99 for one month, $59.99 for three months, and $79.99 for six months
What are the guidelines for photos?
The following are the guidelines for adding photos to your Lovetropolis.com profile:  
Group photos are only accepted if you have specified who you are and there are no more than 3 people on the photo.

  • Avoid small photos. Your photo should be at least 150 x 150 pixels. The recommended resolution is 400 x 400.
  • When scanning your photo please cut the empty areas around the photo - this way your photo will seem bigger and the file size will be smaller.
  • Photos with erotic content are not allowed.
  • Celebrity or copyrighted photos are not accepted.

How many photos can I add?
You may add up to 20 photos as long as they abide by the photo guidelines.
How can I add a video profile?

To add a video profile, you must have a web cam. Click the Profile link at the top of the page once you are logged on. Then, click on the Record Video link on the left of the Profile page. Then you can record and playback your video shot from your web cam. Video/Audio profiles are a Premium Membership feature.

How do I add/remove YouTube Video to my profile?

To add YouTube videos to your profile, Click the Profile link at the top of the page once you are logged on. Then, click the Upload YouTube Video link in the menu on the left of the Profile page. Type in keywords to search for video on YouTube, click on a desired video, then click Embed Video to add the video. To remove a YouTube video, click the Remove button below the video you wish to remove. You may upload a total of 6 YouTube videos. Inappropriate or offensive videos are not permitted.

How do I use the webcam? 
To chat using your web cam, click the Webcam link while you are viewing a member's page. Then follow the prompts to begin webcam chat. Webcam is a Premium Membership feature.

Can I hide my profile from other users?
Yes, you can hide your profile by unchecking the "Make my profile visible to others" box on the Settings page of your profile.

How do I send messages to users?
You can send a message to another user by clicking on the Send Message link in the left page menu while viewing someone's profile.

How can I send a Virtual Flirt?
You can send a virtual flirt to a user by clicking the Show Interest link in the left page menu while viewing a user's profile.
How do I chat with a user?
You can chat with an online user by clicking on the Start Chat link in the left page menu while viewing a user's profile.

How do I view someone's profile?
To view someone's profile, click on their photo and you will be directed to the profile.
How do I block a user?
If you wish to block a specific user from seeing your profile and sending you messages, you can click on Block User in the left page menu while viewing that user's profile.
How can I report abuse by a user?

To report abuse or a problem you may have with a user, please contact us at
How do I write a blog?
To begin writing a profile blog, click on the Start Blog link. 
Can I send someone's profile to a friend?
Yes. If you wish to send a user's profile to a friend you can click the Send profile to a friend link in the left page menu of the user's profile and then follow the instructions.
How do I save a profile as a Favorite profile?
To save a profile to your Favorites, click the Save to Favorites link in the left page menu while viewing a user's profile. This will also add the person as one of your Friends and display their main photo at the bottom of your profile page.
How do I add a comment to someone's profile?
To add a comment to someone's profile, scroll down to the bottom of the page while viewing a user's profile and click Add Comment.
How do I change my password?
To change your password, go to the Settings page and enter the old password and then enter the new password as prompted. Make sure to save your changes. The new password becomes effective immediately.
Can I change my email settings?
Yes. You can view and change your email address and email settings my going to the Settings page of your profile. Make sure to save your changes.
Can I change the email address I have on file?
Yes. If you wish to change your email address on file, please contact us at
site@lovetropolis.com. Be sure to include your username, current email address and new email address. Please allow up to 48 hours for the change to take place. 
How do I view the Savor Magazine?
To view the current month's issue of Savor Magazine, click on the Magazine link in the Profile menu on the left of the page.
How do I view who is online?
To view who is online, you can click on the Who's Online link on the Search page.
How do I see who's viewed my profile?
From your profile Home page, you can click on View next to the "Your profile has been viewed" message.
How do I check my mailbox?
You can check your mailbox after logging onto the site by selecting Mailbox in the top right page menu. You are also directed to your mailbox when you click on the link that appears on your profile home page when you have received new messages. From your mailbox you can manage your inbox and outbox, view the users you have sent interests to, and view who is interested in you.
How do I view my favorites?
To view the profiles you've saved as favorites, click on Favorites in the top right page menu when you are logged onto the site.
How do I view my own profile?
To view how your profile looks to other users, start by logging onto the site with your username and password. From your profile home page, select Profile in the top right page menu. Then select View Profile in the page menu to the left of the page.
What is Photo Watermark Theft Protection?
A special watermark is placed on your profile photos to protect them from unauthorized use.
How do I delete my profile?
To delete your profile, click on Profile in the top menu and then select Settings in the left menu of the Profile Management page. The Delete Account button at the bottom of the Settings page allows you to delete your account. Deleting an account is non-reversible.

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